How to install

Print size

88 x 198 cm or 35" x 78"
We've accounted for various bunk bed sizes with one average size print. If you have a regular size bunk bed it will fit - though it's always a good idea to check.

How to install

No tools required as "installation" is a slight exaggeration, it very simply uses industrial strength velcro tape attached to the bed slats while the print has the other velcro sewn into the seams of the print.
  • Clean and dry the surface where the velcro will be attached
  • If unsure about where to place the velcro, measure the length or hold up the print and gauge where to place it
  • Attach one end of the print and pull it to the other before attaching the second velcro strip
  • Variations in bed slat spacing may require the velcro to be placed on the top of the slat directly under the mattress and the print wrapped around it, this has been tested and provides an even stronger connection.
  • Once both ends are secure, stick the smaller side velcro strips while pulling slightly to tighten

New prints

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