About Koija

With 3 kids and two bedrooms we must, like many others, use a bunk bed. I first saw an improvement to be made while lying in the bottom bunk reading to my kids, as many know the view from below is less than ideal. My fatherly impulse to make my kids happy was the catalyst and Koija bunk print was the result.

Product details

Fabric: Digitally printed lightweight 100% satin weave.
Size: 88 x 198 cm or 35" x 78" - a little smaller than a typical mattress.
The print is hemmed completely with sewn in velcro.


What does Koija mean?

In Sweden a 'koja' is the homefort kids build with sofa cushions and blankets to create a little hide away spot, we hope this has a similar appeal.


Our Quality assurance testers

We employ strict quality assurance processes and each design is tested by our certified bunk print critics, nothing gets the sign-off without at least 5 thumbs up.


A few FAQ

1. How does it stay up?

We use industrial strength velcro, it does not let go. The material is so light and without stretch that it does not sag or hang as many home made options tend to do.

2. How do I know if it will fit?

The best thing is to first look at the underside and measure it, but if it is a typical bed, either wood or metal it will fit. It may require a little unique placement of the sticky sided velcro depending on the placement of the wooden slats.

3. Can I have my own design printed?

We are developing this as a future service, contact us to be notified when it's ready.

New prints

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